Digital Business Identification Number (DBID)

How to register Digital Business Identification Number (DBID) in Bangladesh?

Digital Business Identification Number (DBID)

Due to the massive enhancement in information technology, digital business or online transactions have started to flourish all over the world. In recent times, especially due to the lockdown which resulted in the physical movement of people and goods being stopped or limited, digital marketing or online business has expanded in Bangladesh like in other countries. Many small entrepreneurs have lost their businesses due to Covid but many have been involved in economic activities again by engaging in online business.

DBID Registration in Bangladesh

The Ministry of Commerce of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has formulated the Digital Business Identification Number (DBID) Registration Guidelines in light of Section 3.3.6 of the National Digital Commerce Policy 2018 (Revised in 2020).

As per recent guidelines, if you want to do business in the e-commerce or digital commerce sector in Bangladesh, you have to do business with Digital Business Identification Number (DBID). For that, have to take registration from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies And Firms. The application can be done through My Government website or Digital Business Identification Number (DBID). Digital Business Identification Number (DBID) will be issued within 30-60 working days of application. The list of documents to be submitted for this is given below.

Documents Required for DBID:

  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Copy of National Identity Card of the applicant
  • Copy of Income Tax Registration number (if any)
  • Copy of Company Incorporation (if any)
  • Copy of trade license (if any)
  • Copy of National Identity Card of Directors
  • Copy of National Identity Card of the Chairman of the Institution
  • Copy of national identity card of landlord
  • Copy of the Rental Agreement in case of rental office
  • Copy of VAT/ BIN registration number (if any)
  • Recommendation of Local Chairman / Ward Commissioner / Eminent Person

Rules for filling the DBID application form:

  1. The fields marked with a red star in the application form must be filled. Other fields are optional.
  2. Before completing the DBID application process, if required, the draft application can be saved and later resumed from the service management option.
  3. After submission of the DBID application, a unique tracking number will be assigned to each application which can be used to track the progress of the application from the service management option.

Businesses that are prohibited in 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 of Digital Commerce Operational Guidelines, 2021 (MLM or networking business through digital intermediate, drug, explosives and other prohibited business, gambling or online betting or online gambling operation or participation), individuals or organizations involved in those businesses will not be considered for Digital Business Identification Number (DBID).

After receiving the DBID application, RJSC will verify the name of the applicant person or organization, so that multiple DBIDs are not issued in the same name and multiple DBIDs are not issued in the name of the same organization. The responsible officer of RJSC or the recommending agency will verify several details about the applicant through the online system.

This includes as follows,

  • whether the digital commerce organization has an active website or active page on social media;
  • whether purchase and sale and other terms and conditions written in Bengali are attached to the active website or social media;
  • whether delivery period;
  • whether the process of refund;
  • whether product return policy;
  • whether after-sales services etc. is clearly recorded.

RJSC will issue a certificate with a DBID number to the person or institution if the verification finds the information correct. And if the information is not correct or does not seem reasonable, the applicant will be notified that rejecting his application. The person or organization receiving DBID shall compulsorily display the DBID on its own website or social media page. If the DBID is canceled or suspended for any reason, it will no longer be displayed. If the applicant applies for correction of information if necessary, the authority can correct it after verification. The authorities will not make any correction on their own due to non-application despite the change of information, but if any complications arise due to this, the concerned person or organization will be responsible for it.

If any wrong or false information is provided in the DBID application and if any act is done contrary to the Digital Commerce Policy, Guidelines, Digital Security Act, 2018 or any law prevailing in the country, the authority can cancel or suspend the DBID or take other legal measures.

Individuals or organizations who have been doing online business before June 29, have to apply for DBID within 90 days from June 29. If you want to start a new online business, you must first open a website or page on social media and apply for DBID. Business cannot be done on digital platform without DBID. The updated list of names, addresses, web links or social media web pages of all persons or institutions awarded DBID will be published on DBID website, Ministry of Commerce and RJSC website. The Central Digital Commerce Cell of the Ministry of Commerce will supervise the digital commerce institutions, but the Digital Security Agency, law enforcement agencies, National Telecommunication Monitoring Unit, Payment System Department of Bangladesh Bank and BFIU can supervise the parts applicable to them. The Authority may amend, modify or change the DBID Registration Guidelines in consultation with the stakeholders as necessary.

The registration process appears in the review, it is not very difficult. Although there is a form of about five pages to be filled and substantial documents to be submitted. However, the information to be provided is naturally a business or organization. So those who are doing online business now or want to do e-commerce business in future, need to register now. So, from now on, no e-commerce company can do business without registration, it has to be ensured.

License Sheba, the best law firm in Bangladesh, is ready to assist these individuals or organizations in case of any difficulty in registering. Therefore, the First One-Stop Legal and Consulting Solutions Platform in Bangladesh, hopes that all those involved in e-commerce and f-commerce businesses should complete the DBID registration process as soon as possible. If everyone comes under the registration, opportunities for fraud and corruption through digital commerce will stop.

Click on the My Government web link below to apply.

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