What documents are required to submit with income tax return in Bangladesh?

Following information and documents required for income tax return in Bangladesh,


Company Name:




Personal Information

1. ETIN Photocopy

2. NID Photocopy

3. Passport Size Photo (if new)

4. Previous Tax Return Copy (if possible)

Service Information

1. Salary Certificate/Statement

2. Bank Statement (1st July 2021- 30th June 2022) (All Accounts)

3. Provident Fund (if any)

4. Gratuity Receipt Statement (if any)

5. TDS-Tax deduct at source certificate/ Copy of challan


1. DPS Certificate/ Statement (If applicable)

2. Insurance Certificate (If applicable)

3. Share Market Investment Certificate (If applicable)

4. Shanchay Patro (If applicable)

5. Zakat Funds Documents (If applicable) 


1. Bank Loan-owner Name, Certificate/Bank Statement (If applicable)

2. Other loan-owner Name, Certificate/Bank Statement (If applicable)


1. House Documents/ Deeds (If applicable)

2. Apartment Document/ Deeds (If applicable)

3. Land Documents/ Deeds (If applicable)

4. Car Documents (If applicable)

5. Furniture Purchase Documents (If applicable)

6. Ornaments Purchase Documents (If applicable)

7. Electronics Goods (If applicable)

8. Advance Income Tax (AIT) (1st July 2021-30th June 2022)

9. Business Docs. (If any income from business profession)

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